Publisher of books revealing the truth about the creation and working of the universe using the metaphor of an octopus and its tentacles. Based in Cornwall, UK.

Blondin Universal Octopus Independent Publisher

Every man is Blondin.
Every lifetime a rope,
finer than a spiders thread,
sharper than a sword,
stretched between birth and death
(Breath and breath)
across Niagara.

Poetry begins with pain
(like any other kind of birth)
but though it breeds and feeds on earth,
it aims at not becoming back again
and reaches to the root of things
in search of the eternal springs.

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The Universal Octopus & Mr Tao

Animation from CENTRE: The Truth about Everything 

One and not two,
That’s all you have to do.
One and not two.

Wherever you go,
That’s all you have to know.


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