ISBN 978-0-9571901-6-0
Publication 2016
Paperback 200 pages
RRP £9.99

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CENTRE The Truth about Everything

Brian Taylor


All Life is One. It is not only the multiplicity it appears to our five senses. This is the source of all the the problems we humans have experienced forever. What we need is direct experience of the way things are. Inside every living being is the Centre of the Universe. By humans, the Centre can be accessed and investigated and the Truth realised. Once and for all, beyond all doubt…

  • Understand how there really is only One
  • Experience something remarkable
  • Find out the truth about Birth, Death, Karma, Past Lives, Astrals, Chakras and Kundalini
  • Navigate your way through different levels of Reality
  • Discover who you really are
  • Explore other centres

Learn how to access the Centre. How to understand it. How to use it. How to enter it forever.


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CENTRE The Truth about Everything

“A marvellous and truly stunning book!!  A treasure indeed. A way to complete happiness is here. It is ALL UP TO US. Read chapter 37 and find out WHY things are the way they are for YOU.”  — Pisamorn Chulsrikaival, Thailand

CENTRE The Truth about Everything

“Centre: The Truth about Everything is a unique book. The wisdom offered in it is a gift of immeasurable value. The author, Brian Taylor, discovered that the Centre of the One has a physical location in the centre of every living being. If one follows the description provided in his book, one may be able to find the original Centre, the Source of the Universe, within the physical body…” -Martin J., Germany

CENTRE The Truth about Everything

“A soul filled with much wisdom, has brought back home the knowing of whom I am, my life long instinctive being, given freely with love… ‘One, and not two, That’s all you have to do, One and not two, That’s all you have to do.’  —Jasmin Horst E.P. Seiler, Poet & Writer, Ontario, Canada

CENTRE The Truth about Everything

“I like the proverb about the fisherman not feeling the fish’s pain till he becomes the fish.” —Beckie Brook, Animal Aid Teacher, England

CENTRE The Truth about Everything

“Very evocative and fascinating, all in all. Reminds me a bit of the books by Wei Wu Wei…”—Dr Will Tuttle (Author of The World Peace Diet), U.S.A.

CENTRE The Truth about Everything

“I liked CENTRE, it is different and well done. The author is sharing something real, quite Zen, that he experienced on the bridge… and the book is an opportunity for a possible transmission to another…” —Anthony Cheke, Oxford, England

CENTRE The Truth about Everything

“He has found his way to the Centre – and any way Home is a good way! The One becomes many, and then rediscovers who it is!” —Richard Lang, The Sholland Trust, England

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