For Humanity Memory has come to Replace Understanding

Brian Taylor


For Humanity, Memory has come to replace understanding. This is why current conflicts in our world cannot be resolved.

Memory cannot, of itself lead to Understanding. It can only shape Points of View. These are endlessly subject to change. Real Understanding only comes into existence with DIRECT SEEING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. As soon as it enters Memory, it is already subject to revision. Because it has become detached from Seeing.

Reconciliation is rediscovery in the LIVING Present of sameness, our real (and eternal) identity. Direct Seeing of shared Suffering replaces identifiction with differences and a true response can arise “What can we do together to stop CAUSING this suffering now?”



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For Humanity Memory has come to Replace Understanding

“The Universal Octopus is such a helpful image – looking forward to perusing and contemplating the wisdom in this book… Thanks for all your efforts to help raise consciousness here on planet Earth – so we can, as Brian writes, stop world war 3 before it starts!” – Dr Will Tuttle, Author of The World Peace Diet, US

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