ISBN 978-09571901-5-3
Publication 2016
Paperback 266 pages
RRP £9.99

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Bamboo Leaves

Brian Taylor


THAILAND: There is poetry in Thai, Pali and Chinese names, in their meanings and the music of their sounds.The people and incidents are recorded as they were.The perspective and tone varies.
Disabled beggars with plastic begging cups; Ferraris, a snow white Bugatti Veyron and a swimming pool filled with ice for New Year’s Day; westernised nose jobs, lady boys and budget sex changes; Ghosts and Spirit Doctors; mediums offering lunch to the spirits that possess them; body snatchers lurking below motorway bridges; menus offering one-day dry pig and son-in-law’s testicles. Temples thundering out their message that all this is impermanent, not-self and suffering.
The mind is such
a lonely, fragile thing,
so easily afraid
of what it can’t believe in.
Yet every time we make-believe,
belief is truly made.
.Brian Taylor

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Bamboo Leaves

“A poem-story magic carpet journey inside Thailand like no other!” – Ariya Books, UK

Bamboo Leaves

“BAMBOO LEAVES is a beautiful poetic description of Thailand… mesmerizing and captivates the reader’s attention to the end. The uniqueness of the style in which the author explains the stories about traditions and superstitions is remarkable. The things that one may not believe in like the spirit realm also sound believable… If you are a traveller or a person interested in knowing different cultures, just read this book.” —Ana Bingham, Realistic Poetry International

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