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Brian Taylor

Every man is Blondin.
Every lifetime a rope,
finer than a spiders thread,
sharper than a sword,
stretched between birth and death
(Breath and breath)
across Niagra.


These poems cover over forty years. Writing them is like collecting the bubbles which stream away from the stern of a small boat crossing a vast ocean. They are all different. They are all the same. Fragile, inconsequential bubbles of livingness. The subject matter ranges from Oxford, its colleges and ghosts, to the Far East with its temples, its hunger for life (and concrete jungles), and its two and a half thousand year old Buddhism. Here, Theravada monks still proclaim, in the Buddha’s own language, that “all things are suffering, all things are impermanent, all things are not self. Nibbana is the Highest Happiness.” Here is the teeming multiplicity of life and the utter freedom and stillness of the Unconditioned State which runs like a crack through the universe. Through this crack beings escape from the burden of becoming. Through it they return again. From one lifetime to the next. From one moment to the next.


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“Invariably in Blondin the poems are sharp and fresh – each poem having a point…” A.B.UK


“The collection seems to reflect my own way of looking at odd little corners of life.  Oh, to be able to write them as well! I like small treasures from several of the poems that gave me a lift.”-Maria, UK  


“So deep… yet the message is revealing… The powerful words… so strong as it hits every reader… Truly… a masterpiece… only great poets could make… Thanks dear poet…” – Min Sia, Philippines


“A book full of treasure… I read, I ponder, I am touched by Brian’s wisdom; challenged. I want to read more… and more… “ June Bevan-Baker, Scotland


“BLONDIN shows true understanding of suffering, impermanence, karmic action and its consequences, not to mention the insubstantiality of all that is composite as the Poet kindly points out in this Work of Art.” – Brion Sweeney, Dublin

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