Projects are tools to be used to bring the future into the present and make it better


Poetry harnesses the Centre’s latent creativity and makes known the existence of the Centre

Bamboo Leaves

Poetry in Thailand

Gnomonics Gnome Says

“The SAD and HUMOROUS story of MAN since his CREATION out of the CENTRE… 
…And the SOLUTION?”


Cartoons from the Underground. Old friends (and new ones). Draw a line round anything, put a bubble round what’s being said and you’ve got a cartoon. Everything is a Cartoon unless you are actually in it. Which you probably are.

Stop World War Three

For Humanity, Memory has come to replace understanding. This is why current conflicts in our world cannot be resolved.

Worms Eye View

A complete collection of Brian Taylor’s original publications published through Lulu.

There is No Other

Culturium offers a selection of Brian Taylor’s finest verse, which explores the inherent unity of all things…

Universal Eye

Seeing is now from the point of view of the Centre, from which every thing is seen to be part of the Whole.

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