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Brian Taylor has been a poet and philosopher and lives in Cornwall, England and the Far East.


I was born
just like you.

I came from
I knew not where
on my way to
I knew not where
just like you.

I had the good times
and the bad;
was by turns
unhappy and glad
(just like you).

Till I determined
from I didn’t want
and making
as I wanted.


This I achieved
(just like you?)
making as I wanted.

But then I saw
that where to led
to the end of making
as I wanted;
to a losing hold of
and a forgetting
beyond all power
of holding and remembering.

So I chose to let go of
BEFORE I lost,
and I chose to forget
BEFORE I forgot to choose
(and not remember the cost).
And with my NOW seeing
quite clearly where to,
I turned around
to see if I could see
where from.

And I found
where from
where I have always been.
(And where to
is here too.)

(And you?)



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