Gnomes Career Opportunities Today

Brian Taylor


Western civilisation’s TOP FOUR CAREERS in today’s WONDERFUL, unstable, dangerous world . A world awash with Wars, Pharma Mafias, Priests and Lunaticks. Full of SPLENDID OPPORTUNITIES for SELF-MOTIVATED men and women. Seize them and learn from heroic and successful struggles of the past: French Peasants; Feminists; Homosexuals; Lunaticks. How to become a Politician, a Pharm Mafia, a Church of England Priest, a Lunatick. Remember Darwin’s Survival of the Mostest. When there are enough of you, the Law will tilt in your favour. Lunaticks have succeeded in the Powerhouse Positions of today’s society as Newspaper Proprietors. Premier League Footballers. Bankers. Scottish MPs. Presidents of the United States. Quantum Physicists. The Cardinals of Vatican Museum. The doors are open! But closing fast.


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Gnome’s Career Opportunities Today

“Satire can draw attention to its absurdities. But only Basic Ethics can begin to put it right.” – B.T. UK

Gnome’s Career Opportunities Today

“It’s funny. But then you actually see the human lunatick epidemic, poisoning the world in all the theatres of power and Nature in all of its four elements too. The humour then becomes transparent. You see it’s all dreadfully, dangerously, unbelievably real. Humans are destroying their world, crowding together to board the Lemmings’ Express at every station. And ravaging Nature on their journey.”  Bellarion, UK

Gnome’s Career Opportunities Today

“GNOME’S CAREER OPPORTUNITIES TODAY is a very precise description of modern madness.” – M.J. Germany

Gnome’s Career Opportunities Today

“Well, there’s a read!  I don’t know whether to recommend you should write for Private Eye or the Huffington Post! Good fun to read.  You are perhaps a touch kind to the politician…  As for your House of Commons, I am tempted to comment that at least they sit on green animal skins. Your pharma section is also good ironic fun, as is the whole book.  And you use the KJV for your biblical quotations:  good for you – the KGV is mostly poetry, as opposed to the more modern allegedly better translated versions.

You write, in the style you have chosen and which suits your subjects to a ‘t’, very well and economically – thus to good effect.” – Sir Roger Carrick, UK

Gnome’s Career Opportunities Today

“I love it! This ought to be put in the hands of every young person in the country! It’s what they suspect anyway so confirmation will be good to have (but not to be discussed with over 50’s because they are in denial).” Donald Broughton, UK

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