ISBN 978-0-9571901-2-2
Published 2015
Paperback 262 pages
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Gnomonic Verses

Brian Taylor


Clusters of English “unofficial” roses
have climbed the fence to face the sun.
Each in its crimson finery supposes
that it, alone, is the only one.

Honeysuckle tangles with its vagrance
bramble and lavender, rose and gorse,
fills the still air with its golden fragrance
there where the steps run a wayward course.

Shamrock has camped with a fragile neatness
just where the foxgloves have unfurled;
the privet has flowered and its lemon sweetness
hedges the edges of this living world. 

Imagine you have an audience.
(Which you have).
And people are listening to everything you say.
(Which they are).
And everything you say is being written down.
(Which it is).
And may be used in evidence against you.
(Which it will be).

Don’t you wish you could be alone?


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Gnomonic Verses

“I was surprised at how the poet understood my mind. Some of the poems I do not understand but others amaze by catching in a few words my own thoughts and experiences. I also liked the poem “THE ECONOMY” about the economy being like a hose. The poems are startling – the poet doesn’t shy away from the truth.” – Donald Broughton, England

Gnomonic Verses

“The originality and brilliant sharpness of the terse, ego-shattering poetry of Brian Taylor reaches a peak in Gnomonic Verses. The Poet’s mixture of unrelenting (and playfully humorous) satire and intuitive insight aids us to see our (and humanity’s) true reflection – offering a rare respite from the circular track and indicating the way out of our suffering predicament.” – Bellarion

Gnomonic Verses

“Loved the very first poem in this book ‘Here (and now)’, as my imagination allowed me to feel that this was my garden. I could even smell the flowers!” — Jeanette, UK

Gnomonic Verses

”Some beautiful poetry in this book, I’m not deeply religious or a massive expert on poetry but I can see the appeal in this book. Very eloquent and well written.” — Scott Cowley, UK

Gnomonic Verses

“I have been very much enjoying Gnomonic Verses – full of shrewd and funny things, and of real wisdom.” – M.S. Oxford

Gnomonic Verses

“I found Gnomonic Verses refreshing as it is very straightforward and candid. It is humorous and unexpected to read!” – Trudy Lewis, Bothmer Teacher, London

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