ISBN 978-0-9956346-6-4
Publication 2021
Pocketbook 36 pages RRP £5.99

A Short History of the Universe

Brian Taylor


An illustrated short history of the Universe. The simple diagrams of the Universal Octopus help us to understand how duality and separatism arise and reveal how all Life is really One and not the multiplicity that appears to our five senses and on which our thinking and behaviour is based.

This is the source of all the problems we humans have experienced (and created) forever.

What we need is understanding and direct experience of the way things really are. Every living and non-living thing is part of this One. Every thing arises out of the CENTRE of this One and subsides back into it.

Since all is One, what you appear to do to “another”, you actually do to YOU. The One and the Many can rediscover their eternal Oneness and act from a simple ethic, “I do not do to other living beings what I do not want done to myself.”

“There being really no Duality, Pluralism is untrue”



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“Undoubtedly, this is the best work by any author! It is really simplified but shocks halfway through. It’s been written in an extremely straightforward way. By just following when I finished reading this publication it basically altered me, modifying the way of my opinion.”
-Vivianne Dietrich


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