ISBN 978-1-8384024-0-2
Publication 2021
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How Everything Works & What It Can Achieve

The Creation and Colonisation of Matter

Brian Taylor


This is a historical description. Why is it not in the past tense? Because it is also happening in the present. It is a description of how we have come to be what we are, here and now. It also shows the overall route which we have taken from our point of origin.

It is the opposite of modern views which trace the origin of life to an accidental occurrence in matter in the distant past.
It also differs from views that our evolution is ever upwards towards higher levels of being, Supermen, perhaps, or angels or even gods.

We do have an opportunity to make such a journey. But it is back towards a goal from which we have previously devolved, through a combination of curiosity, ignorance and desire.

It is a return journey from the here and now we have come to see as unsatisfactory, life as we know it, to somewhere completely satisfying, the Centre.

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