There are no coincidences as this word is mostly understood. They are not even a matter of chance. They are comings together, never accidental, always reflecting cause and effect even if this is not recognised when they occur. This is Universal Satnav.

“Universe” comes from “unus” one, and “vertere” to rotate or change. It indicates something which is a unity, rotating and rolling on and ever changing. “Satnav” entered language when satellites were first used with mapping software to determine the car’s position and the best route to a chosen destination.

Universal Satnav is what most people call accidence, coincidence, Fate, chance, luck, predestination etc.

It is none of these.

So what is it?

It is the most useful and observable footprint of Karma. Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect which operates in our universe and minds, both in our everyday and long-term lives.

Seeing and adjusting to it provides each and every one of us with the easiest way to become aware of the Ultimate Reality, All is One, lying behind everything. Plus, a benign relationship and cooperation with this Reality. It is the Path of Progress, based on Ethics. Ethics is I don’t do to other living beings, things that cause them suffering and which I wouldn’t like done to myself. It leads to cooperating with other living beings.

A man with a surplus of money in his pocket unexpectedly comes across a homeless man.
So that the one who has can share what he has with the one who doesn’t have.

Of course, it is not always money which is needed and exchanged. It can be information, knowledge, compassion or just a sympathetic listener. It provides an opportunity for contact with another apparently separate living being, who is really another part of the Ultimate Reality (One).

These meetings are significant opportunities to act in accordance with the intended flow of life – whether we are sufficiently awake and receptive at the exact moment of opportunity or not.




The Sun shines

in a bucket of water
and doesn’t


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