BASIC BUDDHISM SERIES pocketbooks 2019

The BASIC BUDDHISM series has been revised by Brian Taylor and completed in 2019. The 10 booklets are published by Universal Octopus (6 pocketbook size and 4 booklet size).

For anyone becoming interested in Buddhism the pocketbook ‘WHAT IS BUDDHISM’ is a good place to start. The other booklets are excellent small introductions to understand basic Buddhism and can stand on their own. The main themes of all the pocketbooks are to be found in ‘BASIC BUDDHISM FOR A WORLD IN TROUBLE’ so go for that one if you would like a fuller picture in one booklet!

We are always interested in supporting people to be helped by basic Buddhist practice and regularly donate sets of the booklet series to Meditation and Buddhist groups. And booklets to individuals. If interested, please make a request to the publisher through the CONTACT page.

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