Q: Exploring outer space and planets, does the astral see the astral form or shape of those planets? Could the data collected in that manner replace those found in the physical universe?

A: Physical senses (and scientific instruments which are their extensions) perceive physical objects (like the moon).

Mental senses (including astral senses) perceive mental and astral forms.

Sometimes, both are operating concurrently (usually without the knowledge of the human perceiver). For example, one man sees a ghost, while the man standing physically next to him cannot.

The moon is normally investigated by humans using scientific instruments in present time. They use the thinking mind to deduce probable data they cannot perceive directly (e.g. the moon’s past).

Disembodied astrals have difficulties seeing physical forms directly rather than perceiving the astrals inside the physical forms. What they can see (if they have developed the skill) is the time-track of the physical object (e.g. the moon). The time-track continues to be accessible on a mental (and astral) plane after the physical form disappears. This is like watching a film of an event which is no longer taking place in present (physical) time. As with a film, you can “rewind” it to see earlier episodes in its continuum. These will be the same as what was seen by the physical eye when the event was taking place in present time.

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