Q: For a better understanding, could you please answer the following question on human evolution? What could one say about human evolution, the development of homo erectus, homo sapiens, the development of the number of humans that inhabit this planet in accordance with basic buddha- dhamma and the Centre?

A: Consider a line of waves rolling across the ocean. They are raised a little higher than the troughs in front of them and behind them. They are crowned with shining white foam. It is a magnificent sight!

In the midst of all this splendour, they are discussing among themselves: the evolution of waves. the development of unda erecta, the development of the number of waves that inhabit this vast ocean. (On this miniscule planet, in this tiny solar system, in this small galaxy in this very modest HLGQ in this moderately-sized Cosmic Web in…in….in….in this infinite, boundary-less Universe. In this Centre, which is incomprehensible to the largest wave – and reflected in the wave’s smallest subatomic particle).

Would they like to relate their aqueous situation with basic Buddha-Dhamma and the Centre?

Basic Buddha-Dhamma offers a way out from Suffering and an explanation of its origin in false identification with mind and matter. This has given rise to an illusory phantom, the Egoic Mind, which perceives itself as separate and is responsible for all the evil in our world.

Centre offers an explanation of the One and the Many and methods by which the wonders of the Centre can be accessed and experienced and the goal of Basic Buddha-Dhamma achieved.

Another way of putting it:

runs like a crack
through the universe.
Through it
beings escape.

Between each step
Between each movement
Between each breath
Between each heartbeat
Between each living cell
Between each thought
Between each impulse
Light shines.

Through the crack
that runs through
the universe Now.

No-one who grasps after
even a speck of dust
can squeeze through this crack.

Brian Taylor

Q: “They would like to relate their aqueous situation with basic Buddha-Dhamma and the Centre”? Is it because ‘they’ are trying to make truth an add-on for the ego?


It is the phantom Egoic mind, the offspring of false identification with mind and body (remember Genesis: “they saw that they were naked”?). This it is that will grasp after anything it perceives as food for itself so that it can continue its phantom existence. Its relationship with the Real Self is a bit like that of a tapeworm with its host.

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