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Q: Can anyone ask Brian Taylor a question?
A: Yes. To ask a question or submit a comment, please use CONTACT


Q: After an enthralled read of ‘Vajras Dorjes’ i wondered is Christ/Jesus more a position than an individual – achieved through the accumulation of merit like Indra to eventually run out?

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Q: Eckhart Tolle “seeks to reconcile God and his creation”, why does he not include animals, the dead bodies of which he obviously eats? He also quotes the Dalai Lama, who “eats meat when he is away from home” because he is “used to it”. If there is an inconsistency in morality there, this might also explain why the questioner wanted to know the following: is there an inconsistency in Eckhart Tolle’s “God is undifferentiated consciousness” as compared to “consciousness is part of a sankhara involving a sense organ and a sense object. If either the sense organ or the sense object is missing, so is consciousness.”

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Q: Consciousness is creating flowers of various colors and designs, if I am the consciousness, can I change the color and design of flowers?

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Q: Does the consciousness know itself and the world when there is no animate object in this creation?

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