Exploring outer space and planets, does the astral see the astral form or shape of those planets? Could the data collected in that manner replace those found in the physical universe?

A: Physical senses (and scientific instruments which are their extensions) perceive physical objects (like the moon).
Mental senses (including astral senses) perceive mental and astral forms.
Sometimes, both are operating concurrently (usually without the knowledge of the human perceiver). For example, one man sees a ghost, while the man standing next to him cannot.
The moon is normally investigated by humans using scientific instruments in present time.  They use the thinking mind to deduce data they cannot perceive directly (e.g. the moon’s past).

The moon does not have an astral form in addition to its physical form. It does have a deva inside it at its centre, as humans and animals often have an astral. This deva arrived from a heaven world later than the time when the moon broke off the earth.

Disembodied astrals have difficulties seeing physical forms directly rather than perceiving the astrals inside the physical forms. What they can see (if they have developed the skill) is the time-track of the physical object (e.g. the moon). The time-track continues to be accessible on a mental (and astral) plane after the physical form disappears. This is like watching a film of an event which is no longer taking place in present (physical) time. As with a film, you can “rewind” it to see earlier episodes in its continuum. These will be the same as what was seen by the physical eye when the event was taking place in present time.


In CENTRE, Chapter 21. ‘HOSTILITY FROM OTHERS’ (p. 98) you point out two ways of responding/reacting wisely. In the last paragraph you describe how to upstream everything. Does one decide from moment to moment and according to the situation whether one’s response towards the person involved is friendly or neutral? I understand that upstreaming resolves the negativity – if it is still there. Is it not that once one has upstreamed everything (completely) that one is then free to respond either in a friendly or in a neutral way?

A: Once one has up-streamed everything (completely), one has upstreamed the freedom to respond or not respond also. Otherwise there would not be the absolute freedom of complete stillness and peace.



Looking at the image of the Universal Octopus and seeing how everything emerges from the Centre, I wondered, “Do trees feel pain?”

A: Though there is a ‘livingness’ there it’s not the same as for example in a centipede, or worm, or a cat, or bird – it’s more mechanical. You can cut off a branch and stick it in the ground and it will grow roots and make a new plant or tree. You can take a part of a leaf and culture it to grow. Similarly you can cut off someone’s hair which has a sort of ‘livingness’ in it, or their nails and there is no pain. Plants and trees are the same.
Plants and trees are the dwelling places of devas. So when trees are cut down the devas living there lose their home. Many just move on but some can be angry or sorrowful.


Do dogs go to Heaven?

A: Only if the ASTRAL leaves it’s dog behind.

    Q: What would the ASTRAL of a dog look like?
A: A dog. However, astral forms are mind-made, so they can be changed by will.  Usually astrals are not aware of this.


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