I found Gnomonic Verses refreshing as it is very straightforward and candid. It is humorous and unexpected to read and I’m looking forward to reading more!”  Trudy Lewis, Bothmer Teacher, London

“Some beautiful poetry in this book, I’m not deeply religious or a massive expert on poetry but I can see the appeal in this book. Very eloquent and well written.” —Scott Cowley, UK

“Loved the very first poem in this book ‘Here (and now)’, as my imagination allowed me to feel that this was my garden. I could even smell the flowers!” —Jeanette, UK

“I was surprised at how the poet understood my mind. Some of the poems I do not understand but others amaze by catching in a few words my own thoughts and experiences. Like the little poem “FISHY” beginning with “I dived before I could swim…” reminding of when I was nine years old, unable to swim and left at one side of the river while all the village lads had swum to the other side. I looked at the river and calculated that I could dive across the deep water and surface to wade to the other side – and it worked! I also liked the poem “THE ECONOMY” about the economy being like a hose. The poems are startling – the poet doesn’t shy away from the truth.”  —Donald Broughton, England


“I liked CENTRE, it is different and well done. The author is sharing something real, quite Zen, that he experienced on the bridge… and the book is an opportunity for a possible transmission to another. That’s what I’m in the esoteric book business for – to supply books to help do just that… I wish the book every success.” —Anthony Cheke, Oxford, England

“A marvellous and truly stunning book!! A treasure indeed. A way to complete happiness is here. It is ALL UP TO US. Read chapter 37 and find out WHY things are the way they are for YOU.” —Pisamorn Chulsrikaival, Thailand

“A marvellous book! In the light of its wisdom, all one’s fragments of knowledge and experience suddenly make sense. Read “CENTRE” and discover who you are!” —Tim Ormonde, England

The most remarkable new book in the world today… ‘New wine for new bottles’…” —Ariya Books, UK

“BRIAN TAYLOR, who lives in Cornwall, is confident that his latest book, ‘CENTRE THE TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING’, is a work that will change your life. Brian, a practising Buddhist, describes how a process of Centering Meditation, when practised correctly and over time, will allow us to discover hidden depths to ourselves that we did not know existed. On occasions the book is a challenging read but if the benefits are as described, the effort in reading and attempting to understand what Brian is trying to tell us, will certainly be worthwhile.” —Rorie Smith, Writer & Journalist, England

May all beings use the CENTRE to be ONE forever, free from hatred, difficulties and pain, completely free from Dukkha.” —Martin Juchem, Teacher, Germany

I like the proverb about the fisherman not feeling the fish’s pain till he becomes the fish.” —Beckie Brook, Animal Aid Teacher, England

CENTRE resonates well with me!” Josie Sucu, Kinesiologist & Reiki Practitioner, Bristol, UK

A soul filled with much wisdom, has brought back home the knowing of whom I am, my life long instinctive being, given freely with love…

“One, and not two,
That’s all you have to do,
One and not two,
That’s all you have to do.”

          Jasmin Horst E.P. Seiler, Poet & Writer, Ontario, Canada

I spoke to my pupils in Italy about the Centre. One of them entered a speech-making competition. Other contestants told me that she said, in her speech, that a teacher of hers had made her a far less selfish person by explaining to her that the world was like an octopus, with each individual a leg of the creature.”  —B.T., Teacher, Austria

2I really like idea of this book although I am not so good in English to understand everything… I am really excited about it…”  —Dub Coonco, Graphic Designer, Slovakia

He has found his way to the Centre – and any way Home is a good way! The One becomes many, and then rediscovers who it is!”  —Richard Lang, The Sholland Trust, England

BLONDIN & Other Poems  

“BLONDIN shows true understanding of suffering, impermanence, karmic action and its consequences, not to mention the insubstantiality of all that is composite as the Poet kindly points out in this Work of Art.” —Brion Sweeney, Dublin

A book full of treasure… I read, I ponder, I am touched by Brian’s wisdom; challenged. I want to read more… and more… “ —June Bevan-Baker, Scotland

“So deep… yet the message is revealing… The powerful words… so strong as it hits every reader… Truly… a masterpiece… only great poets could make… Thanks dear poet…”  —Min Sia, Philippines


I enjoyed reading this short book. It is written with clarity and authority. It also appears to cover the important basic practices in Buddhism.” —Ken Ward, England

“Becoming interested in the Buddhism teachings, this book made things a little clearer. Other writings have gone way over my head, this book opened up a little understanding. And has allowed me to research in more depth.” Colababe