CENTRE By Brian Taylor

“I liked CENTRE, it is different and well done. The author is sharing something real, quite Zen, that he experienced on the bridge and the book is an opportunity for a possible transmission to another.”
Anthony Cheke, The Inner Bookshop, Oxford, England

Our featured book by English poet and philosopher Brian Taylor

CENTRE is a book about original investigation arising as a result of asking the question “How do you find out what lies beyond the world before actually leaving it?”
Finding out the truth about what is inside you – not the bones, flesh and organs but the very ‘Centre’ of your being,
the gateway to your real self, where you came in and where you go out.
This is a rare book with the power to create an awakening, one that can radically change your life for the better.

“I came to see that all beings had this luminous Centre at the centre of their beings and were,
for the most part, unaware of its significance or even its existence.
This book contains the results of some of my researches into the Centre.
Some may find it interesting.”

Learn how to access the Centre.  How to understand it.  How to use it.
How to enter it forever.

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 Animation of PART ONEA Short History of the Universe




 Unique ILLUSTRATED edition - A Short History of the Universe
(or how Mr Tao met the Universal Octopus and set up house together in the Centre for ever.) 

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A rare and remarkable investigation into the nature and creation of VAJRAS (Dorjes) and their method of use.

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